About Us

Rifles, hunting, and competition have always been in the blood of each person at TenXCustoms.

We have taken our passion for long range hunting and shooting and built exceptional rifles based on our own highest expectations.

While in the manufacturing process, our top of the line experts takes every detail into consideration. When you purchase a TenXCustoms rifle, you can be assured that each rifle has been meticulously manufactured, fire tested and guaranteed as a ½ MOA.

TenXCustoms manufactures each rifle with the highest quality components and takes immense pride in each rifle build.

You are guaranteed excellence when purchasing a TenXCustoms rifle.

Shipping / Delivery Policy

All items after successfully ordered are shipped out within 2 business days (minus any custom orders or alterations requested), and are ONLY shipped to a certified and verified FFL.

To see a complete list of all FFLs in your area you can search HERE>

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of purchasing custom Long Range Rifles, all sales are final and cannot be returned. Should there arise any problems with the rifle, those issues will be handled on a case by case basis and should contact customer service and support as soon as any issues or problems are identified.