Long Distance Rifle

When TenXCustoms team designed the TPR-ELR, we wanted to be able to reach the longest distance possible, without compromising the accuracy and quality of the TPR.

Our TPR-ELR has accomplished flawlessly, both accuracy and extreme long range hits.

The TPR-ELR is a special order only rifle. Lead time may vary.


Our Tactical Precision Rifle-Extreme Long Range (TPR-ELR) is a larger caliber exclusive rifle. The TPR-ELR is designed for extreme long range shooting. This rifle is built with a Stiller Tac 338 or 408 receiver that will include a durable fluted bolt with a mini M16 style extractor; a Jewel trigger, pre-adjusted to a 1.5# pull. Our Tac 338 receivers will have Jewel trigger with top safety, while our Tac 408 will have a bottom safety Jewel trigger.

The tenXcustoms TPR-ELR barrel is a select match grade 5C barrel manufactured from 416R stainless steel and spiral fluted. The TPR-ELR barrel is finished with a Tactical style four port muzzle break.

Our TPR-ELR has the same durable chassis system that is standard on our TPR line of rifles. However, due to the extreme nature of the TPR-ELR, each rifle comes standard with a folding adapter, to ensure easy transport of rifle.


Retail: $5,650.00

Weight: 17 lbs 2oz

Overall Rifle Length: 58 inches overall (47 1/2 inches when butt is collapsed)

Barrel Length: 28-32 inches (Depending upon caliber selection)

Range: 1000+ yards

Calibers: 300 Norma, 338 Norma, 338 Lapua, 375 Cheytac, 408 Cheytac